Driver Testimonials

Learn what it’s like to drive with Mitchell Grocery directly from our current drivers themselves!

Ricky Pitt 


Ricky Pitt has been a commercial truck driver for 32 years and has been driving for Mitchell Grocery for all 32 of them. Ricky says he came to Mitchell Grocery 32 years ago because he loved that it was a family-owned business that valued home life. He had other family members already working for Mitchell that recommended he join them. The job was appealing to him because of the local routes and knowing he wouldn’t be driving long runs while spending numerous days on the road. He feels that while he does work many hours and it takes some planning, he has a good balance between work and personal life. Ricky says that driving for Mitchell Grocery fulfills his rambling nature while still being at home with his family every night.

What Ricky thinks sets Mitchell Grocery apart from other companies is that management doesn’t put pressure on you for the little things or try to micromanage. He says he likes the fact that if you do your job, take care of the customer, the products, and the equipment you will never hear a word from management other than words of encouragement. Ricky’s number one perk of driving for Mitchell Grocery is all of the customers he gets to interact with while on the job. He has formed relationships with the customers he regularly delivers to over the last 32 years and says they are great, friendly people to deliver to and work with.

Ricky loves working for Mitchell Grocery because the people are great and treat their employees like family. He says anytime he runs into David or Jay Mitchell in town he feels like they are genuinely happy to see him. If you have a problem, they will really try to solve it and work with you to fix the situation. Ricky says that the free medical clinic offered to all employees and their families is one of the best things Mitchell Grocery has ever done for its employees. He says that it has been a tremendous benefit for his family and that his wife will miss all the ladies at the clinic when he retires.



Sid Hicks


Sid received his CDL through our driver development program while working as a yard driver three years ago and has been a delivery driver for Mitchell Grocery for just over a year. After working at an hourly job for 20 years, Sid saw an opportunity for full-time employment and growth within Mitchell Grocery when he learned about our drivers training program. Sid was given materials to study the CDL written test while he received training as a yard driver. He enjoyed the opportunity to drive in the yard, learn the parts of the truck, and learn from other skilled drivers while preparing to get his CDL license.

Now that he is working as a delivery driver, Sid says the number one perk of working at Mitchell Grocery is being a full-time truck driver while also being home every night. The fact that Mitchell Grocery has never laid off an employee is what Sid says really sets us apart from other companies he has worked for. The free medical clinic offered to all Mitchell Grocery employees and their families is also a huge benefit to Sid because when he is sick, he can go straight to the clinic and be seen without any copay and receive prescription medication at no cost.

Sid enjoys driving for Mitchell Grocery because he gets to go to different places and deliver to different stores. He likes being on the road and interacting with customers. He enjoys the smooth and straightforward process of driving and delivering for Mitchell Grocery and knowing what time he will leave, how long it will take him to get there, and that if he has any questions about a store he’s never been to he can ask, and someone will help him. Sid says he takes care of the stores he delivers to and loves that he gets to be his own boss while driving.

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